Ion Ampliseq Designer Video

Need help? Watch our “My First Design” tutorial video.

New Feature Showcased: Chip Calculator

To help estimate the number of libraries that can be used in our Ion Chips, we now offer an easy-to-use Calculator that can provide this information with only a click away.

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What's New in Ampliseq

Improved workflow based user experience

Our new Ion AmpliSeq Designer 5.0 has been improved to bring a workflow based approach to creating, reviewing and ordering your designs. With this new version, you will find that navigating through the application has never been easier, and getting to where you need to go is only a click away.

Access to Ion AmpliSeq Research Panels with no log in

Our Ion AmpliSeq Research Panels known as Ready-to-use and Community Panels, have been reorganized by default to fit within common research areas where targeted sequencing is used.

Support for our new Ion S5™ and S5™ XL Sequencers

As a reminder, the new S5 and S5 XL have been launched on September 1, and we provide full compatibility within Ion AmpliSeq Designer. The new S5 and S5 XL systems represent a new exciting offer for high performance bench top sequencers.

Why Use Ampliseq

  • Easy to use software for the design of highly specific primers
  • Low input amount: 10ng for DNA, 5ng for RNA
  • Superior quality, specificity and coverage
  • Supports short (140bp), medium (275) and long (375) sized Amplicons
  • Design new or leverage our existing validated panels

Have Questions?

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